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You want the winning business model, but are concerned that technology will change your business?

The digitialisation of technology is merging the world of products and services presenting tremendous opportunities to B2B businesses but also tremendous threats. New capabilities are being enabled by Smarter Devices. What is your strategy to defend your market, or perhaps this is a great opportunity to create sustainable advantage!


Our Solution

We believe that all these new capabilities are of limited value unless an organisation finds a way of Turning Data into Profits. The key to this is understanding your customer’s business intimately and having the imagination to see how using data you can improve the value you deliver with your products, or how you can make your customers business far more effective. The limiting factor is not the technology but our understanding of how we can use the data it delivers. We know, because Growth Stages has an active partnership with MAC-Solutions, a provider of industrial routers and asset management solutions for equipment manufacturers and Asset owners.



Our Approach

We will put a plan together with you to plot your may along the Data to profits Road Map. The goal is to identify where on the roadmap is appropriate for your business and a plan for how to get there. Not all business need to develop OUTPUT based advanced services. The high level steps along the path include:

1.Customer Value Chain research

2.Scenario planning

3.Competitive Environment Analysis

4.Visioning / Strategy  Workshops

5.Technology assessment

6. Leadership Workshops

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