RGB Business Ecosystem
We use the proven RGB© approach to managing change developed by Jean-Marc Rommes.

This approach has been shown to be particularly effective in support a number of industry leading global businesses to deliver sustainable programmes that deliver results in the areas of Service Innovation and Transformation.

The RGB Business Ecosystem is easy to grasp at all level, develops a common language of change and helps employees to understand their responsibilities and the expectations within a learning organisations. In particular helping employees to move their mindset from ‘This is something they the company want to do’ to taking personal responsibility and an attitude of ‘This is a way of thinking I must live by’

Bespoke programmes can be designed to meet specific needs, or a number of standard workshops have been developed and deployed successfully within the Services environment.


Current standard programmes

  • Glad I could Help: How to achieve excellence in Customer Servce for all employees
  • Consultative Selling: How Service Managers can achieve commercial results without becoming a salesman
  • Trusted Advisor: Ensuring all staff at customer touchpoint build brand and business value by being themselves
  • Achieving a High Performance Business Culture: Delivering results through an organisation that learns and improves all the time
  • Service Leadership: Overcoming the challenges of leading change from Product to Service Thinking