Buy-in to Change is always a problem and it is always hard work!

All experienced managers know that gaining commitment to change is an on-going challenge. This is especially true when transforming from a product to service focus. Product thinking becomes so engrained, we know some people will simply not make it. If you are faced with this situation, then having a robust transformation roadmap will save you time and effort.



Our Solution

We know change is all about people and so unpredictable. We can partner with you through your service transformation, supporting you with expertise as and when you require. Above all we can help ensure that you do not have to re-invent the wheel, by using our industrial & consulting experiences of best practices across a wide range of industries.




Our Approach

We follow a proven transformation roadmap in which the first step is alway to develop the compelling reason for change based on facts and reality.  Then its about alignment, actions and results. Our change programmes are generally developed from the following portfolio of programmes.

1.Explore & Assess

  • Service Business Assessments
  • Customer Value Chain Research

2.Reason to Change / Develop Vision

  • Strategic, Visioning & Leadership workshops
  • Project management (Scope, timeline & budget)

3.Scope, Plan, Design & Pilot

  • Coaching, Training, Creating belief
  • Performance Management & Competency
  • Programme management

4.Deploy, Results & Sustain

  • Lifecycle & Portfolio Management
  • Performance Management & continuous improvement programmes

People lie at the heart of each of these programmes, and so we use use the proven RGB© methodology to drive cultural change to achieve a High Performance Organisation.