With over 20 years experience in the Automation Industry and with an active investment in an IoT technology company, Growth Stages is uniquely positioned to enable companies to use these capabilities to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

We have an almost unique mix of skills within our team:

  1. Service Thinking to identify new strategies for growth and new business models
  2. Deep insight into Automation and Machine to Machine communication (M2M) within industry
  3. Working insight into the challenges of using Analytics to open up the opportunities around big data tool set & Industry 4.0 transformation
  4. Implementing advanced new offerings through an ecosystem of partners
  5. Belief that these capabilities will contribute to the Circular Economy

This unique set of skills, pragmatic experience and thought leadership, enables company leaders to start the journey of leveraging the capabilities being offered by M2M, IoT & Analytics.

The typical challenges we support customers with are:

Service Thinking

How can I start taking advantage of the capability of the IoT & M2M technologies?

We support clients in adopting Service Thinking to develop a deep insight into their customers value chain, and how to then use their knowledge and capability to make a real financial difference




Can a develop new more competitive business models?

We have developed a roadmap showing how levels of connectivity and data flow directly relate to the business model of equipment OEM’s and their customers. This is the basis for a robust technology roadmap that will support your businesses growth and development.

We also increasingly see the need for using ecosystems as the service delivery operations rely increasingly on specialist partners. Our Ecosystems Development Model can save SME significant time and cost in identifying how to develop Advanced services that go beyond the core capabilities of your business



How do I start the technology journey without investing significant sums of money I cannot afford?

With our hands on experience and knowledge of IoT platforms and technologies, we can advise clients on the most effective technology journey for their business and vision




circular economy

I believe that our business has a social responsibility towards our planet, but are unsure how to proceed?

The circular economy model is all about using our resources more effectively. A key element for any product company is to offer services that optimise and extend the lifecycle of the product. Moving to outcome based models is even more environmentally friendly. But to achieve this it is important to

a) Adopt Service thinking to see the business opportunities

b) Have a clear roadmap as to how you will use data to more effective with your own and your customers resurces

c) Choose a technology roadmap that is appropriate to your business

We work with clients in all these areas based on real & pragmatic experiences