Standard assessment tools that aim to:

  1. Identify capabilities in the organisation that need to be developed in order to deliver a sustainable service business
  2. Identify areas low value activities within a service operations that could enable productivity improvements
  3. Identify management practices that could be improved in the running of a service business

Value / Deliverable

  • Understand alignment on team thinking
  • Data for decision making

–Identify and quantify opportunities for productivity gains

–Identify opportunities for revenue and margin growth

  • Recommendations for improvement

Key Features

1.Briefing of all participants

2.Priming Questionnaire

3.Interviews / focus groups

4.Validation Interview

5.Report Out

Three sets of programmes, designed to move clients through identifying strategic alternatives, aligning the leadership team and creating a common vision.

  1. Strategise to understand how a service based business model can help achieve business goals. This involves a deep review of customers, markets, environment, technological change and expected competitive  challenges. Then developing strategic alternatives and impacts to enable decision making.
  2. Leadership Alignment: Gaining agreement and alignment within the leadership team on strategy through workshops that clearly present facts and agree direction facilitated discussion
  3. Visioning: Creating a robust vision that can be communicated through the organisation through a mix of scenario planning, role play and facilitated workshops

Value / Deliverable

  • New ideas & ways of thinking
  • Alignment of ideas
  • Alignment of people
  • An agreed plan

Key Features

1. Preparation

2. Priming

3. Facilitated Workshop (s)

4. Document

5. Review & Feedback

6. Report Out

A deep dive analysis into the customers value chain to understand what are there key drivers of profitability and identify how suppliers can make a tangible difference to profitability through offering product service solutions.

Value / Deliverable

  • New ideas & ways of thinking
  • Alignment of ideas
  • Alignment of people
  • An agreed plan

Key Features



3.Facilitated Workshop (s)


5.Review & Feedback

Coaching & Advisory to senior managers along their transformation journey. Tailored programmes designed to empower managers to achieve their objectives and grow their skills. Very targeted and focused on soling real business issues.

Value / Deliverable

  • Sounding board through change management
  • Introduce best practice and alternative solutions
  • Growth of the individual and the organisation
  • Adhoc projects where gaps in expertise

Key Features

1.Identify SMART objectives and timing at the start of the programme

2.Regular calls / meetings to progress achievement of objectives

3.Reflection and value add thoughts

4.Programme review for lessons learned

Development of a robust Innovation & Portfolio Management Process

Value / Deliverable

  • Clear process for managing services Portfolio through the lifecycle
  • Aligned roles & responsibilities
  • Clear milestones and management process

Key Features

1.Assess current process from Best Practice

2.Identify gaps

3.Develop common company language

4.Roles clearly defined

5.Portfolio mapping

Advisory, Coaching and Training in creating a Service Savy Sales & Marketing Management

Value / Deliverable

  • Organisational model to sell services
  • Competency development
  • Solution Selling Training
  • Consultative Selling Training
  • Developing Compelling Value Arguments

Key Features

1.Assessment of Sales Competencies through questionnaire and observation

2.Mapping out the Sales Process

3.Training, Coaching

4.Key Metrics


6.Value Selling

Enabling companies to develop best practices processes and the balanced score cards and competencies, required for sustainable adoption

Value / Deliverable

  • Enable benchmarking of process performance internally and against external benchmarks
  • Development of management rules and best practices to enable consistent service levels
  • Balanced Scorecards and performance management system to drive excellence
  • Competent people to execute processes

Key Features

1.Establish the AS-IS situation

2.Co-develop with the team the desired TO-BE situation

3.Develop action plan to redesign or close the gap

4.Project Management to complete change

A tailored programme by Change specialist focused on creating a performance orientated culture

To establish a deep insight into the current level of customer experience , future desires & effectiveness of current management process

Value / Deliverable

  • Multiple perspectives on customer insight from quantitate to qualitative
  • Challenge the Status Quo
  • Input into Service Design Process

Key Features

  1. Multiple perspectives in multiple media
    1. Questionnaire
    2. Interrview
    3. Shadowing / Video
    4. Focus groups
    5. Analytics

2.Review of Management Process

Developing robust ecosystems of partners for development and / or delivery of value added or Advanced Services

Value / Deliverable

  • Structured analysis of the ecosystem, its stakeholders and value proposition
  • Development of alternative business models and alignment between partners

Key Features

1.Assessment to identify gaps in understanding

2.Interviews, round tables to develop alternative scenarios, new business models

3.Business Modelling to assess financial risks and sensitivity

Interim Management or Programme Management

Value / Deliverable

  • Free’s up client resources to focus on change implementation
  • Supplements existing skill sets within the client

Key Features

1.Tailored programme to the needs of the client

2.Always Transparent objectives and results

Competitive Environment Analysis which researches the impact the 4 key elements that impact the nature of the competitive environment

Value / Deliverable

  • Identify the potential disruptive impact an innovation can have on the competitive environment

Key Features

1.Agree objectives


3.Report Written

4.Review and report out