why change



How do manufacturing and technology companies continue to generate grow?

Our world is increasingly:

  1. Very unpredictable, hugely competitive and driven by fast changing technology

  2. Faces huge pressures to recycle, re-use and create a circular economy

Service Thinking is increasingly seen as a core strategy to support growth, because we can leverage what we already have, or create completely new solutions that give us competitive advantage.   For example think of the size of your installed or customer base, and what opportunities this could represent……..or the regulatory and cost pressures to conserve, re-use and be more effective with our resources.

We believe this requires a simple shift in focus from product to customer focused thinking.



Our solution

1. Shift your focus to where value is created…..in the customer’s business

2. Leverage your technology and know how to really make a difference

3. Use our Service Business framework see the priorities and take effective action to increase revenue, profitability and customer loyalty


Our Approach

Every business is different as are the priorities of the moment. We will put together from our portfolio of tools and experts a solution that will get you to your goals faster and more effectively!  If not we will not be paid.

To address growth issues, we would construct with you a targeted programme from the following components:

1.VALUE Assessments

  • Service Business Assessments
  • Connected, Remote Technologies & iotS assessment
  • Customer Value Chain Research
  • Strategy & Organisational Development

2.GOTO MARKET strategy programmes

  • Innovation & Service Portfolio mngt process
  • Service Design & Deployment framework
  • Service Sales management, training & coaching
  • Ecosystem Development model


  • Process excellence (Parts, Field Service, Call Centre, Engineering & Knowledge management)
  • High performance organisations programme
  • Customer Experience management programmes

4.PLANNING & Project Management



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