Some examples of recent Product Service Innovation projects:

Electronic Money






Client: €1.5bn E-payment business

Challenge: How to monetise investment in leading edge research into Analytics and Security Solutions

Solution: A major feasibility study to assess value of the technology concepts. Growth Stages was involved in obtaining funding, facilitating the innovation process around technology concept assessment, undertaking a market study and business case / investment alternatives on attractive projects.

Results: Identified technologies of strategic importance and defined a roadmap to investment decisions



Client: €1.4bn Packaging Equipment OEM

Challenges: Start Service Transformation. Standardise service business processes for a global ERP implementation

Solution: Business Assessment of Revenue and Productivity opportunities. As-IS / To-BE workshop processes using best practice standards( to develop a unifying book of standards.

Results: A roadmap for the priorities of service transformation was created, Senior management aligned around a vision and the service business was able to clearly articulate/specify its global functional requirements, within the Service ERP implementation

PET Line




Client: €1.4bn Beverage Packaging Equipment Manufacturer

Challenge: Building a compelling argument for Service Transformation

Solution: Support a formalised Service Transformation programme on Service Change and Culture

Results: Real life coaching experiences that build belief for a successful programme



Client: €200M Threaded Fastener Supplier

Challenge: Re-invogorate marketing of its FSP portfolio

Solution: Market review and re-alignment of market messages

Results: More confident sales team, with sales stories to communicate value.  Roadmap for operational development of Services business



Client: SME Distributor of Industrial routers

Challenge: Development of Remote Services Technology solution requiring partnership with a number of expert suppliers to deliver a complete solutions

Solution: Developed and implemented an Ecosystem development Model

Results: Successful customer pilot in February 2015

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