Service Thinking 2

Service Thinking?

The digitalization of technology and proliferation of the internet is merging the world of products and services, presenting tremendous opportunities for new disruptive revenues for B2B businesses.


To address this opportunity & deliver sustainable growth, technology and manufacturing companies must move away from a product to a customer centric focus.


This Service Thinking allows organisations to concentrate on creating value & experience in their customer’s business by leveraging their technology and inherent know how.



Why Growth Stages?

Our strength is to enable businesses to find their Pathways to Growth through Service Thinking.

We inspire Manufacturing & Technology businesses to release their service potential, through acquiring a deep insight into their customers business model & processes.

Through  imagination, operational excellence and leveraging the capabilities of connected & smarter products, we will accelerate service business growth to over 20% per year.

Our passion for customer value, and track record of leading service transformation in diverse industries, enables a tailored holistic approach that enables leaders to achieve their goals more effectively. Analytical tools developed with leading global thinkers and companies complement our pragmatic style. When needed, we partner with colleagues who excel in their professional niche.

Our uniqueness is a mix between business experience, leading edge thinking and a results oriented commercial approach.